Hotel Policies


Our Hotel Policies are in place to ensure that guests are made completely aware of our guiding principles when confirming a booking at our Hotel. While we always regret the necessity to impose charges upon guests who do not use the accommodation, we have found it necessary to implement these charges in the event of a cancellation in the hope that it will encourage guests to assist us in advising of any travel changes at an early time to allow us to relet the room with minimal loss.

We believe that our cancellation policy is more generous than most particularly in our offer of accommodation credit in several circumstances. Our cancellation policy has also been necessary to allow us to maintain our policy of not overbooking in the hotel in busy periods, as is the case of the major hotels to cover the "no shows", as we prefer to be able to guarantee our confirmed guests their room on the day. Securing your reservation with a credit card means that you accept the terms of our Cancellation Policy and these policies are set out in our agreement with you and available on our Hotel Website. However, in special circumstances, solely at the management's discretion, you may be offered such amount as a credit for subsequent accommodation charges.

We hope that you will understand the basis of our policy and to keep us informed of your plans to avoid any unnecessary charges.


Terms & Conditions: The advantage of booking with us is our guarantee that you are booking the best publicly available price existing online at the time of booking. If you find a lower price online, we will give you your first night free, as well as price match the remaining nights of your stay.

This guarantee is based on the Price of the exact room type available on a Travel Agent Website, as compared to the Price of the same room type available online via our Channel at time of booking. This guarantee does not apply to any existing bookings of Terrigal Sails Serviced Apartments. The lower price room that has been located on the travel agent website must match the exact room type, minimum night requirement, inclusions and number of guests (etc.) being booked as it is stated on Terrigal Sails Serviced Apartments direct booking channel.

The Best Price Guarantee applies only to prices both advertised and available to the general public online on a travel agent website at the time of booking. The Guarantee does not apply to prices offered on a membership program; corporate discounts; negotiated prices; group, rewards program, loyalty programme, incentive, prices obtained via auction or similar process; or prices available only by using a coupon or other promotion offered by the online Travel Agent. The Guarantee also does not apply if the average nightly lower price is obtained from a website where you call to get the price, or from an e-mail that you received.

Verification of Claims. All claims are subject to verification by Terrigal Sails Serviced Apartment. Terrigal Sails Serviced Apartments must be able to verify all elements of the claim and the required terms found on the online travel agent website at the time the claim is processed and verify that both the room price and the total room cost at the time of verification are lower than those found on Terrigal Sails Serviced Apartments website.

Changes to these Terms and the Guarantee. Terrigal Sails Serviced Apartments reserves the right to modify, restrict availability, or discontinue the Best Price Guarantee and to make changes to these Terms and Conditions, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability to you. Terrigal Sails Serviced Apartments Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions that are in effect at the time of your booking will determine your eligibility under the Best Price Guarantee.


A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to guarantee all bookings, and on check in we will require payment of Balance owing. We will also require presentation of a Driver's License or Passport on your arrival. If you wish to cancel or amend your reservation please do so 72 hours prior to check in, otherwise a cancellation fee of one night’s accommodation will be incurred. For no shows, cancellations and amendments made after check in time, the full booking amount will be forfeited. 


We suggest that you consider travel insurance to cover any losses incurred if unforeseen circumstances force you to alter your travel plans.


Except for Corporate guests and family bookings, we do not accept group bookings at Terrigal Sails. Due to the quiet nature of our facility, we do not have the resources or facilities to accommodate the unique needs of group bookings. Our Hotel strictly offers accommodation for Couples, Singles, Families and Corporate guests. Please refer to our Noise Policy below for guests found to be travelling to our property of a party nature.


* Check in Time: 2.00pm

* Check Out Time: 10.00am

Guests planning to check in after these hours please contact Terrigal Sails Serviced Apartments prior to the check in.


Upon check in we will require payment of Balance owing as well as credit card details. An AUD $100 credit card pre-authorisation may be requested upon check in for security & incidentals. These funds will be held by Terrigal Sails and released after 3 business days.

Your Credit Card is NOT processed until arrival. If you arrive outside of reception hours your payment will be processed automatically.


For the comfort and security of our guests Terrigal Sails has a strict NO NOISE POLICY. Due to the quiet nature of our facility, we cater for serviced apartment accommodation to couples, singles, families and corporate guests. The reason for our policy is to ensure that all guests enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience. If you feel that this policy will not suit the requirements of your stay, we can recommend alternative accommodation where you will be able to enjoy your stay in Terrigal to its maximum potential. If we are required to address Noise from your Apartment after 9:30pm, you will be evicted from the property and an additional call out fee will be charged. An after-hour Manager is available to enforce any violation of this policy. The After-Hours Manager can be contacted from your guest room to report any noise disturbance. Please note: Only registered guests are allowed in the guestrooms after 10.00pm. Our Hotel is a Quiet Zone between the hours of 10:00pm â 8:00am.


Please note that this property does not have any policies, procedures or resources in place to accommodate the unique needs of school graduates during the annual "Schoolies Week" period. It does not have adequate resources to engage qualified security personnel to guarantee the safety, comfort and convenience of school graduate guests during this period. If on check in persons travelling are found to be participating in the School Leavers Event, they will be declined accommodation at our establishment and no refunds will be given. Please see full conditions on our Hotel Website. All guests and visitors of guests during this period must be over the age of 21. Identification will be required from each traveller upon arrival. **Exception is for children travelling and staying with their parent or guardian.


We offer free wireless internet to guests of Terrigal Sails. Data limit applies. Password can be obtained from reception. If you expect to arrive outside of opening hours, password will be provided with keys.


The speed and throughput of our free Wi-Fi will vary depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to: The capabilities of your wireless enabled device; the physical location of the wireless access points within Terrigal Sails; user traffic during time of access, general internet congestion, wireless signal interference and the location of your wireless enabled device within Terrigal Sails whilst accessing the Wi-Fi.

Terrigal Sails will use reasonable endeavours to provide you with a reliable, stable and secure access to the Wi-Fi but does not promise that the access to the Wi-Fi will be continuous, fault-free, secure or accessible. Terrigal Sails advises that this Wi-Fi access is not suitable for supporting any application or use which requires continuous, fault-free network connectivity or uninterrupted data traffic flow.

Terrigal Sails will use reasonable endeavours to monitor and attend to any Wi-Fi faults, malfunctions or other problems associated with the Wi-Fi access but  will not be liable if such faults, malfunctions or problems occur with the Wi-Fi and shall not be obligated to rectify any such faults, malfunctions or problems associated with the Wi-Fi at all or within any specified timeframe.

Please note that our Insurance Policy does not respond to or cover accidental damages. Guests may request a copy of our Insurance Policy at any time.


1.    Call out Fees:  *** A FEE OF $500 WILL BE CHARGED FOR ***
2. Your stay with us is conditional upon payment of the prescribed tariff as set down by us, or a tariff agreed upon and contained in your booking confirmation notice.
3. Upon check in you will be required to provide a driver’s licence and credit card. Our use of your personal information is set out in our Privacy Policy.
4. We may record details of the behavior of guests or visitors of guests and associate it with your information if they behave in a manner that causes loss, or damage to our business, or adversely affects our staff, other guests, or visitors.
5. Our cancellation policy is strictly 72 hours prior to arrival. There will not be any refund of monies paid for cancellations or amendments which fall outside of this policy. Weekends incur a 2-night minimum stay unless otherwise agreed by our staff.
6. The registered guest has the responsibility of ensuring that people staying with them behave in an appropriate manner and conforms with our terms & conditions. The registered guest will be held responsible for the conduct of persons staying with them and be financially liable for any costs arising including noise, damages or extra cleaning.
7. The road system and parking area within this facility has a 10 kph speed restriction. Guests are always required to adhere strictly to the speed limit. Guests, and visitors using pushbikes, skateboards, and scooters, are to wear the safety equipment required by law when using these thoroughfares. Please note that road users within the precincts of this facility are subject to the law as it applies to all public roads as defined under the NSW Road Rules 2014 Act.
8. It is a condition of your stay with us that we may disclose information about your use of and behavior at this facility to third party service providers, for example those that investigate or protect against activities harmful to guests, visitors, employees and others, or to property. Once again, we can only use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Our confirmation of your reservation is based on your agreement that we may collect your personal information for the purpose of conducting a check on a data base to which we subscribe. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation should we determine as a result of that check that we are not able to provide you the goods and services you require. 
9. We reserve the right to terminate without notice the occupancy of a guest, and persons staying with them, who behave inappropriately and breach our noise policy This condition also applies to guests who entertain visitors who are in breach of these terms and conditions. Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to consistent breaches of these terms and conditions, drunken, bullying, or loutish behavior, the use of foul and indecent language, intimidation of staff or other guests, malicious damage to property, unreported negligent damage, theft, or any other form of behavior deemed by the management to be a danger to the offending guest, other guests, employees, contractors and the like.
10. We are a NON-SMOKING facility. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the precincts of this facility except on balconies where smoke boxes are available. Guests will be required to pay the cost of fumigation should evidence be forthcoming suggesting that this condition has been breached.
11. Our Apartments are equipped with a kitchenette, and all essential cleaning equipment. It is a condition of your stay that all washing up is attended to prior to your departure, and the general cleanliness of the cottage is such that extra cleaning is not required. Should the apartment be soiled to the extent that extra cleaning is required the cost of that cleaning will be charged to the registered guest at a minimum rate of $500.
12. Payment of damages, extra cleaning or incidentals incurred by breach of the above terms & conditions will be charged to the signing guest.
13. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.
Condition of reservation, that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.
We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with The Privacy Act 1988).
The type of information we may collect about you includes:
Your name
Phone Number
Email Address
Location Details
Payment Details
We will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent.
The personal information which we hold will be held securely in accordance with The Privacy Act 1988.
If you have any questions/comments about privacy, you should contact us.